Civilian Activities

New buildings

Shipbuilding today represents a strong and complex pole of maritime activity.

Because regulations and communication and navigation equipment are subject to many changes, we bring through our perfect knowledge of this market, an essential role of adviser and co-director to the largest shipyards.

Off Shore

The offshore activity is undergoing major changes: technical and security issues have become major, and the means of communication or protection of sites and floating units have become critical elements. It is therefore necessary to be able to offer the most efficient and best adapted equipment for this environment, to meet these new needs.

Our experience in this field is a key element that ensures our customers a personalized accompaniment, throughout their project, because we are able to follow the whole of the realization, from the design in our offices, to the realization in the building sites, to the commissioning on the site of exploitation.

Merchant Navy

The merchant navy has always needed companies capable of selling, installing and maintaining navigation and communication equipment. Together with our partners, we have been meeting this expectation for about ten years.

After having been a major player in the application of GMDSS standards, we now assist our customers in the modernization of their fleets, as well as in the construction of new vessels, in France and abroad.

We are thus particularly sensitive to the quality of our after-sales service, of which the training of our technicians and the management of the spare parts stock are the main components.


We regularly put at the disposal of yachting our professional skills in the fields of satellite communication, satellite TV reception, GMDSS...

Our particular position as an approved technical centre enables us to provide these customers with a better knowledge of new technologies and highly qualified personnel capable of supporting the most complex installations.


Our company has a sector dedicated to the export for the regions of the Maghreb, the Middle and Far East. Specialists in these regions, our employees are fluent in the languages of the countries concerned, which enables us to understand our customers' needs as well as possible and to offer them the technical solutions we provide in their language.


As a COTS integrator, we specialize in the study, design, integration and documentary production necessary for the realization of complex civil or military projects. These activities have now become a full part of our business.

We offer to be a single point of contact specialized in our sector. Our Design Office is made up of draftsmen, but also of systems engineers, who share their activities between engineering and the reality of the field. This global vision is essential for a good understanding of our customers' expectations, and of the technical requirements related to after-sales service, which must be considered from the design phase of our solutions, in order to ensure the greatest possible durability of our systems, and to allow an adapted support.

Military Activities

The military field requires a great sense of responsibility, and an irreproachable rigor. The efforts undertaken over the past several years in the mastery of our technicality have enabled Themys to obtain numerous markets to equip different types of military vessels such as the FREMM frigates - the BPC DIXMUDE - the OPV L'ADROIT - the future submarines BARACCUDA, ...

We adapt COTS equipment to our customers' specifications, and are the only ones to offer global solutions in this spirit.

Our areas of expertise are :

AIS (Warship AIS), IBS (Integrated Bridge System - Radars, Ecdis, Trackpilot, BNWAS, and navigation sensor), Yatching TV, SATCOM (Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT...), Radiocommunication GMDSS, IMS UHF, DOA et CCTV.

Our suppliers and partners support us in this process. and new products are being developed, such as the MULTIPILOT SAM PLATINUM -N (Navy version) which offers different functionalities military, depending on the needs of the operators. A specific version of airborne is also developed for our interface needs with the CMS.

We also develop and produce our own products such as that: Signal adaptation box, alarm management box for our IMS UHF and DOA systems, intercom consoles and loudspeakers qualified for installation on submarines, etc...