Approvals obtained for carrying out annual regulatory inspections

GMDSS Visits

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Quality department

ISO 9001 certification since 1996 . This service ensures the adequacy of Themys' services to the needs and expectations of its customers. It guarantees the conformity and efficiency of its processes. It proposes improvement actions for its improvement. The quality department is also responsible for logistics with the construction sites (preparation of equipment documentation, procedures and acceptance reports, certificates).

Quality planning

To the greatest extent possible, Themys staff anticipates foreseeable modifications and changes in its economic and legislative environment. Generally speaking, they will be attentive to changes in the products on the market and in French and international regulations, as well as to customer needs and expectations. This is how all essential actions are planned.

Themys Quality Commitment Statement

Themys' business lines must be service-oriented and provide services to customers, in compliance with regulatory requirements. Indeed, customers increasingly want to receive solutions to their problems that meet all their needs, including services such as engineering, design, integration, operational maintenance, and no longer just autonomous or semi-autonomous equipment. To meet these needs, Themys must develop new services and provide its customers with the technical skills adapted to new technologies. Quality management remains one of the privileged tools to satisfy our customers but also to control, improve our processes and reach our objectives. Themys is therefore committed to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System focused on management by process approach, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. The Quality Manager reports directly to me to promote and monitor the evolution of the quality management system and all the actions he undertakes in the accomplishment of his task are assured of my support. The motivation of the whole team is necessary so that each process progressively becomes the field of application of progress approaches for the perpetuation of our company.